Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

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Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Rosaimée le Mer 10 Aoû 2011 - 4:02

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Des dessins de Michael Jackson donnés à un hôpital pour enfants



Le maire de Los
Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, à gauche, et le plus jeune fils de Michael
Jackson, Blanket, dévoilent quelques-unes des 13 oeuvres créées et
signées par Michael Jackson à l'hôpital pour enfants de Los Angeles, en

Photo: AFP

Associated Press
Los Angeles

Des esquisses réalisées par Michael Jackson orneront les murs de l'hôpital pour enfants de Los Angeles.

trois enfants du défunt chanteur, Prince, Paris et Blanket, étaient sur
place, lundi, pour présenter les oeuvres qui ont été données au centre
Un portrait autographié de Michael Jackson s'ajoute à la dizaine d'esquisses signées par le chanteur.
Brett Livingstone-Strong, un ami de l'artiste, a fait don de ces
dessins, sur lesquels on peut voir des représentations de Mickey Mouse,
de mobilier et de divers objets.
L'ancienne animatrice de Entertainment Tonight, Mary Hart, a orchestré le tout. Selon elle, ces dessins témoignent d'une facette jusqu'ici méconnue du chanteur.
L'une des soeurs de Michael Jackson, La Toya, a ajouté que les esquisses
pourront procurer du bonheur aux enfants qui sont hospitalisés dans cet

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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Mandarine le Mer 10 Aoû 2011 - 7:40


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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Rosaimée le Jeu 18 Aoû 2011 - 13:06

L'art de Michael Jackson et son studio révélés pour la première fois.

http://blogs.laweekly.com/stylecouncil/2011/08/michael_jacksons_art_revealed.phpMichael Jackson's Art and Studio, Revealed for the First Time

By Sophie Duvernoy
Wed., Aug. 17 2011 at 11:00 AM

Shannon Cottrell
The interior of Michael Jackson's art studio, which he shared with friend and artist Brett-Livingstone Strong

See more photos in "Michael Jackson Art: An Exclusive Look at the Musician's Drawings and Paintings."

Until now, Michael Jackson's
art collection was shrouded in mystery. It was said to be stuck in a
legal dispute over possession. Then, people speculated that buyers such
as Cirque du Soleil's Guy Laliberté were interested. It's been valued at
the staggering (and slightly unbelievable) sum of $900 million.

One crucial fact: Jackson's art collection isn't art by other people
-- it's mainly drawings and paintings that he created himself. So what
does that art look like?

Yesterday, LA Weekly was the first to visit the (until now)
top-secret Santa Monica Airport hangar that Jackson used as his studio
and art storehouse. The collection is currently owned by
Brett-Livingstone Strong, the Australian monument builder and Jackson's
art mentor through the years, in conjunction with the Jackson estate.

Though the entire art collection has been mired in disputes and battles for rights,
Strong claims that he is working with everybody -- the family, the
estate, as well as others -- to exhibit and publish as much of
Jackson's work as possible.

According to Strong, he and Jackson formed an incorporated business
partnership in 1989, known as the Jackson-Strong alliance. This gave
each partner a fifty-percent stake in the other's art. In 2008, Strong
says, Jackson requested that his attorney sign the rights to Jackson's
portion of the art over to Strong. Now, Strong is beginning to reveal
more and more of the art as he goes ahead with Jackson's dream of
organizing a museum exhibit.

Shannon Cottrell
Some of Jackson's original drawings hanging on the wall. Prints of these were donated to the L.A. Children's Hospital.

Strong gave us a tour of the hangar, beginning with the Michael
Jackson monument that Strong and Jackson co-designed several years ago.
It's perhaps bombastic, but designed with good intentions and the rabid
Jackson fan in mind. Strong explains, "He wanted his fans to be able to
get married at a monument that would have all of his music [in an
archive, and playing on speakers], to inspire some of his fans."

The current design is still in the works, but it's conceived as an
interactive monument -- fans who buy a print by Jackson will receive a
card in the mail. They can scan this card at the monument, and then have
a computer organize a personal greeting for them, or allow them to book
it for weddings. Jackson initially thought it would be perfect for Las
Vegas, but Strong says that Los Angeles might have the honor of hosting
it -- apparently, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently paid a visit and
made a few oblique promises.

Shannon Cottrell
The Michael Jackson monument mock-up, featuring miniature pilgrims and a bridal couple

As for Jackson's art, the contents of the hangar barely scratched the
surface of the collection, as Strong estimates Jackson's total output
at 150 to 160 pieces. A few large pieces hanging on the walls had been
donated as reproductions to the L.A. Children's Hospital last Monday, along with other sketches and poems.

Shannon Cottrell
Portrait of Bubbles, Jackson's beloved pet chimpanzee

In all of his art, certain motifs kept cropping up: chairs (usually
quite baroque), gates, keys and the number 7. His portrait of Bubbles,
his pet chimpanzee, shows a monkey-like face vanishing into a cushy,
ornate lounge chair. "He loved chairs," says Strong. "He thought chairs
were the thrones of most men, women and children, where they made their
decisions for their daily activity. He was inspired by chairs. Rather
than just do a portrait of the monkey, he put it in the chair. And you
see, there are a few sevens -- because he's the seventh child."

Jackson, who was a technically talented artist -- and completely
self-taught -- fixated on these motifs, elevating everyday objects into
cult symbols. Strong added that Jackson's sketchbooks are completely
filled with studies of his favorite objects, in endless permutations.

Shannon Cottrell
MJ's portrait of George Washington -- he initially planned to do a series of all of the presidents, but never continued it.

But Jackson also created portraits: a small sketch of Paul McCartney,
and a large drawing of George Washington, created as Strong was working
with the White House to commemorate the bicentennial of the
Constitution back in 1987. He also sketched self-portraits -- one as a
humorous four-panel drawing charting his growing-up process, and a
darker one that depicts him as a child cowering in a corner, inscribed
with a sentence reflecting on his fragility.

Shannon Cottrell
Strong, holding up a four-panel sketch that Jackson drew of himself.

As an artist, Jackson preferred using wax pencils, though Strong adds,
"He did do a lot of watercolors but he gave them away. He was a little
intimidated by mixing colors." Some surviving pencils are archived in
the hangar; Strong moves over to a cabinet on the far wall of the hangar
and pulls out a ziploc bag containing a blue wax pencil, a white
feathered quill and a white glove that Jackson used for drawing.

Jackson turned to art as times got hard for him. "His interest in
art, in drawing it, was just another level of his creativity that went
on over a long period of time," Strong says. "It was quite private to
him. I think he retreated into it when he was being attacked by those
accusations against him." The sketches and drawings certainly reveal an
extremely sensitive creator, though it's clear that Jackson also had a
sense of humor.

Jackson's art was kept under wraps for such a long time simply
because of the pedophilia scandal, which erupted right around the time
that he was looking for a way to publicize the works. "A lot of his art
was going to be exhibited 18 years ago. Here's one of his tour books,
where he talks about exhibiting art. He didn't want it to be a secret,"
Strong says, pointing at a leaflet from the 1992 Dangerous World Tour.

Shannon Cottrell
Strong and Jackson wearing matching leather and velvet jackets, celebrating their artistic alliance.

Prior to that period, Jackson and Strong had met and become fast
friends. This marked the beginning of Strong's mentorship, in which he
encouraged Jackson to create bigger paintings and drawings, and exhibit
his work. The idea behind their Jackson-Strong Alliance was that Strong
would help Jackson manage and exhibit his art. Notably, the alliance
birthed Strong's infamous $2 million portrait of Michael Jackson entitled The Book, the only known portrait Jackson ever sat for.

In 1993, everything blew up. At the time, Jackson and Strong were
both on the board of Big Brothers of Los Angeles (now known as Big
Brothers Big Sisters), a chapter of the national youth mentoring
organization established in L.A. by Walt Disney and Meredith Willson.
They had planned out a fundraising campaign involving Jackson's art.
Strong explains, "We thought that if we would market [his art] in
limited edition prints to his fans, he could support the charities that
he wanted to, rather than have everybody think that he was so wealthy he
could afford to finance everybody." When the pedophilia scandal
erupted, Disney put a freeze on the project. The artwork stayed put,
packed away from public eyes in storage crates.

Shannon Cottrell
Jackson's sketch of the Wright Brothers' first flight, which he hoped to donate to the Santa Monica airport.

As for the spectacular appraisal of $900 million for Jackson's art
collection, Strong says that it derives from the idea of reproducing
prints as well. The figure was originally quoted by Eric Finzi, of Belgo
Fine Art Appraisers. "The reason somebody came out with that was
because there was an appraisal on if all of his originals were
reproduced -- he wanted to do limited editions of 777 -- and he would
sell them to his fan base in order to build his monument, support kids
and do other things. You multiply that by 150 originals, and if they
sold for a few thousand dollars each, then you would end up with 900
million dollars." Fair enough, though now Strong says he has gone to an
appraiser in Chicago to get that value double-checked, and they arrived
at an even higher estimate.

The story of Jackson's art ends up being quite a simple one, though
confused by so much hearsay and rumor. Strong and the Jackson estate
will slowly reveal more works as time passes, and an exhibit is
tentatively planned for L.A.'s City Hall. Negotiations with museums for a
posthumous Jackson retrospective are still underway, but Strong has
high hopes. He's even talking of building a Michael Jackson museum that
would house all of Jackson's artwork.

Shannon Cottrell
sketch of the White House doors, to which he added the following quote
from John Adams: "I pray heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this
house and all that shall inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men
[MJ's addition:] or women rule under this roof."

We'll leave you with Strong's own description of Jackson at work,
during the time where they shared a studio in a house in Pacific

He was in a very light and happy mood most of the time. He
would have the oldies on, and sometimes he'd hear some of his Jackson
Five songs. He'd kind of move along to that, but most of the time he
would change it and listen to a variety of songs. He liked classical
music. His inspiration to create was that he loved life, and wanted to
express his love of life in some of these simple compositions.

I came to the studio one day, and we had a Malamute. I came into the
house, and I heard this dog barking and thought, Wow, I wonder what that
is. I go into the kitchen, and I couldn't help but laugh when I see
Michael up in the pots and pans in the middle of the center island. He's
holding a pen and paper and the dog is running around the island and
barking at him, and he says, "He wants to play! He wants to play!" He's
laughing, and I'm laughing about it as I'm thinking to myself, "I'm
wondering how long he's been up there."

Michael Jackson's dedication to art: so strong that he'll end up perched on a kitchen island.



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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par linda13 le Jeu 18 Aoû 2011 - 13:55

Merci Rose ;)
Il était doué dans tout les domaines notre MJ :D

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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Rosaimée le Jeu 18 Aoû 2011 - 14:20

C'est un plaisir Linda!

Oui, plein de talent ce Michael! Et s'il n'y avait pas eu ce procès, il aurait sorti tout çà au grand jour avec son ami Brett-Livingstone Strong. Cette photo des deux ensemble! Wow!

Shannon Cottrell



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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Nebulose le Jeu 18 Aoû 2011 - 18:18

Je vois pourquoi Michael surnommé Brett-Livingstone Strong, le Michel-Ange des temps moderne :siffler: :lol:

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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par Eddith le Mer 21 Mai 2014 - 15:05


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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

Message par jiminy le Mer 21 Mai 2014 - 15:51


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Douleur secret de Michael Jackson: Dessins jamais vus auparavant Illustrer l'anxiété, la dépression et l'insécurité, art-thérapeute revendications

Message par Eddith le Mar 11 Nov 2014 - 11:25

Michael Jackson a laissé un trésor d'œuvres d'art, montrant un profond aperçu de l'ancien roi et les luttes secrètes du roi de la Pop.
Images achetées par un homme de la Floride dans l'espoir de les vendre à ouvrir un centre de traitement, ceux-ci n'ont  jamais été vue avant ont été analysés par un art-thérapeute Los Angeles, qui affirme que le chanteur de "Thriller" aurait pu être aux prises avec des douleurs qui ne connaissait - jusqu'à maintenant.

Longues ou grandes armes pourraient révéler la volonté d'une personne à aller vers les autres et / ou sentir un désir de force et de puissance ", suggère Hunter. «En effet», dit Joe Brat, qui est le propriétaire de ces dessins d'une valeur inestimable. «Je compte utiliser l'argent de la vente de ces dessins comme Michael Jackson aurait voulu que je, en ouvrant un centre de traitement en Floride pour rejoindre les gens qui souffrent, mais ne peut pas se permettre d'obtenir de l'aide.

Cette image joue avec l'idée de la dualité comme dans les dessins précédents, ce qui représente un double miroir reflet de deux têtes colorées, plus heureux que les autres », dit Hunter. "Cela pourrait être relié à symbolisent ou la reconnaissance des deux côtés de l'auto, une possible représentation interne et externe de la façon dont on pourrait penser ou ressentir."
Michael Jackson
"Long ou grands bras pourraient révéler la volonté d'une personne à aller vers les autres et / ou sentir un désir de force et de puissance», suggère Hunter

"Sans demander l'artiste ou ce qu'il ressent à propos de clowns, je soupçonne son sketch de clown peut être aussi simple que représente le côté ludique de l'artiste effectuer pour tous les âges, enfants et adultes," Hunter suggère. "Le fond offre une obscurité avec la couleur rouge pourpre. Dans le domaine de l'art-thérapie de l'utilisation de rouge pourrait indiquer une émotion excessive, la colère ou l'enthousiasme ».

Cette image semble être deux images en miroir d'une auto-réflexion. Je soupçonne que ce pourrait être un reflet de l'homme dans le miroir qui peut encore se voir comme un enfant regarde en arrière à son propre reflet des adultes », a déclaré Hunter. "Dans le domaine de l'art-thérapie la couleur jaune peut représenter l'hostilité, la dépendance et le comportement infantile. La couleur verte pourrait révéler une nécessité d'un comportement contrôlé, les cycles de renouvellement et plus protectrice. La couleur pourpre pourrait indiquer la paranoïa, la persécution et la tranquillité ".

"Cette image a trois archétypes jungiens symboliques; l'Anima, une image féminine; l'Animus, une image masculine; et l'enfant qui représente la nostalgie de l'innocence, de la renaissance et de salut », dit Hunter Radar. "La fusion de ces trois archétypes ensemble en un seul corps pourrait symboliser le processus d'individuation, où les aspects de sa personnalité peuvent être intégrés de l'artiste, en fournissant unification avec son moi conscient et inconscient."

Cette image semble être une esquisse ou une création visuelle d'un caractère possible utilisé dans «Thriller» ou une vidéo de musique », dit Hunter. »Cette expression de l'art visuel peut être un moyen pour un artiste de sortir une idée créative qui pourrait être utilisé dans un projet futur ou actuel comme un film, un personnage de la vidéo ou d'un thème d'une chanson. Comme l'artiste était un artiste, les grandes oreilles pourraient indiquer un possible désir d'entendre ce que disent les autres, le désir d'être entendu ou entendu trop

"Cette image offre une vue x-ray interne du corps dans le domaine de la thérapie par l'art, cela peut indiquer un possible décalage entre l'esprit, le corps et la réalité», dit Hunter, ajoutant: "La grande plage d'utilisation de la couleur pourrait représenter la artistes sentiments liés à cette partie du corps, ou représentent [leurs] différents traits de la personnalité.

"Cela pourrait représenter un autoportrait de l'artiste. Le hachures fait autour de la mâchoire, du nez et de la bouche attire l'attention sur ces domaines et pourrait révéler des niveaux élevés d'anxiété. Par rapport à la qualité de la plupart de l'élaboration des yeux apparaissent beaucoup plus doux avec des lignes faibles ce qui pourrait indiquer un manque d'énergie, la dépression, l'insécurité ou une timidité vu par l'artiste ligne », a déclaré Hunter. «Quand soulignant la bouche, comme dans cette image, il peut éventuellement indiquer une incapacité à communiquer des informations, des besoins, des désirs ou veut. Le nez tiré que deux trous ombragés pourrait indiquer l'artiste a de la difficulté à respirer ou a des problèmes respiratoires ".

"Cette image d'une horloge pourrait indiquer une prise de conscience ou notion du temps qui passe et vieillissement», a déclaré Hunter. "Le visage de cette horloge est à sept heures. Le nombre sept apparaît dans plusieurs de ces dessins, qui représente plus probable que ce soit un nombre significatif de l'artiste "

Cette image pourrait refléter l'archétype du personnage, qui est comme porter un masque lors de l'engagement social dans différents groupes ou de la situation », a déclaré Lauryn Hunter MA, ATR, un art-thérapeute pratiquant à Los Angeles, qui n'a jamais travaillé avec Michael Jackson. "Les cordes attachées à la face et de la bouche pourraient éventuellement représenter un sentiment d'être tiré dans des directions différentes et des couches de communication."



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Re: Un autre art de Michael, ses dessins, ses peintures.

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