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Message par Captain Eo le Sam 24 Avr 2010 - 7:32

Sunset Driver (Michael Jackson)

All alone she's in the ego zone
The word is out that you're doing wrong
On the move got fire in your shoes
By word of mouth you are on the news

You're living on sunset time

Feeling bad
You're living much too fast
The truth, the truth that you're on the pass
In the raw they don't know what you saw
From word of mouth you're breaking every law

Sunset Driver
Midnight rider
Friday's brighter
Morning rider
You're a Saturday nighter (aaw)

On the go
Got fever in your soul
You better not shout where you gonna go
Living hot, doing what you should not
The break is on me then what do you got
We're living on sunset time

(Want that dime)

Shoot the breeze
You feel that she's the tease
Your night is free what you wanna be
Who's to trust when living dangerous
Tonight is your night but this is what you loose

Sunset Driver
Midnight rider
Friday's brighter
Getting higher
You're a Saturday nighter (aaw)

(pah dah dah dah)

You are there when the night's in town
Standing there with the top of the round
They don't care about the things you used to say
You're like the cinema
You think there's nothing wrong

Going town
You do it every time
The word's got out that you're on the line
On the moon
Gotta fever in your shoes
The night's on you
What are you gonna do ?

Sunset Driver
Midnight rider
Friday's brighter
Got to reach that driver
You're a Saturday nighter (aaw)

(pah dah dah dah dah)
(hee hee hee)
(aah) (pah dah dah)


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